The Seven Dynamics Of Health!

Seven Dynamics of Health

What Makes What I Do so Different?

I have been asked this question when people first come to my practice.

The short answer is that I apply a SYSTEMS Philosophy to our practice rather than being bound by a SYMPTOMS Doctrine.

When you consider that the plague killed about 30% of the human population…today over 80% of the population is dealing with at least one chronic, degenerative disease, (and a large percentage of those people have more than one degenerative disease), such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stroke, thyroid, adrenal, digestive, mental, emotional and autoimmune issues which were virtually non-existent a century ago, we need to ask the question,

“How’s that working for you?” relative to our current system of “health care”.

What is so different? Has the human Gene suddenly degenerated that we no longer are able to adapt to our environment, or has our environment changed so dramatically that our body’s ability to adapt is overwhelmed?

The latter is much more likely the truth.

However, our current traditional system of chasing symptoms which are more and more prevalent in the population, and therefore considered “normal” (there is a BIG difference between Normal and Natural…) keeps us locked in a narrow focus that prevents a broader view and inhibits the ability to see a patient’s case relative to the broader context of their environment.

Over the years, through personal experience and by treating thousands of patients, I have found certain axioms to be true pertaining to human health, well-being and function.

Axiom 1: We Are All Wild Animals Living in Captivity 

The human gene is not programmed for the modern, sedentary, chemical and preservative laden life-style.  Just like when we take a wild animal out of its natural environment and place it in captivity and it gets sick, as a biological species, the same holds true for humans.  We are currently the sickest species that has EVER inhabited this earth!

Axiom 2:  The Body Never Does Anything Wrong

Symptoms are the result of the body attempting to do exactly the right thing, relative to its environment, in order to survive.  You don’t have a sick body…you have a body doing the exact right thing, in order to help you survive, despite a sick environment.

Axiom 3:  The Body reacts to a Stimulus with a Response

Since the primary drive of the human organism is to survive, and the genetic birthright is to thrive, there has to be a system in place that allows the body to assess its environment and make the requisite adjustments to either ADAPT or COMPENSATE to that environment.

Adaptation makes the body bigger, faster, smarter and stronger…more survivable relative to its environment.

Compensation is like “robbing Peter to pay Paul”. Compensations degrade the body’s ability to adapt. The more one compensates, the less adaptable they become and the more they have to compensate. Symptoms are simply an indication that the body has lost the ability to compensate any more.

Axiom 4:  The Body is a Single, (Synchronized) Functional Unit

Everything in the body affects everything else.  The body ALWAYS reacts to physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual stressors!  It either adapts or it compensates.

Axiom 5:  Optimal Health is a Function of ALLOSTASIS Rather Than HOMEOSTASIS (homeostasis is the maintenance of a stable internal environment in an organism despite changes in the external environment)

Allostasis is the ability of the body to maintain an internal balance, relative to its external variable environment and it is generally adaptive in the short term.

We have found that by applying the concept of the Seven Essential Dynamics of Real Health, we are able to facilitate proper Allostasis, and people get well.

The principle of Allostasis recognizes the body is an eco-system relating in a dynamic way with a greater eco-system.

Axiom 6: Three Steps Must Be Applied to Balance Any Eco-system

All toxins must be removed.

All deficiencies must be balanced.

Proper communication must be restored.

Axiom 7:  Optimal Health is a Continuum, A Process…not a Static State of Being

The only constant in the Universe that we can be sure of is CHANGE…

The physical universe is governed by certain universal laws.  These laws apply to the physical body.

You are always in either a state of degeneration or regeneration…you are either growing or dying…there is no static place in between.

Regeneration is an active state, which requires energy and work.

Degeneration is a passive state of self-perpetuating breakdown.

True health…i.e., optimal expression of human genetic potential, requires participation and a mind-set of personal responsibility.

No Doctor can bestow health upon any patient.  We are not that gifted or powerful!

Real Health is only gained and maintained through certain actions and behaviours that enhance the body’s ability to adapt to its environment, and within the context of universal laws.

A body in a state of degeneration can regenerate if the principles of healing an ecosystem are applied, and if enough time is given for the ecosystem to find its balance.

Axiom 8:  Only When We Apply the Data Discovered Through Advances in Modern Technology, in Congruence with The Laws of Nature and in Context with Ancient Wisdom, Will We Restore Health and Balance to the Human Genome

The Seven Essential Dynamics of Real Health cover all the major topics that allow us to apply these principles to the treatment of our patients.

Rather than being viewed as “healers” (only the power that made the body, heals the body…) we prefer to be viewed as Health, Wellness and Life-Style Coaches.

Our job is to teach, lead and empower people to achieve their own unique, individual peak potential for health and happiness.  Our patients’ job is to apply what we teach and to DO THE WORK.

What Is Well-Being?

The World Health Organization describe health as a complete physical, mental and social well-being – and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

In regard to Well-Being,  I think that it is helpful to consider that there are two aspects of well being.

  1. “Hedonia” – Pleasure, delight, gratitude, fun; friendliness, kindness, love, feeling cared about, happiness for others; accomplishment, worth; enjoyment of learning, beauty, music, making things.
  2. “Eudaimonia” – Sense of purpose, contribution, service, meaning, fulfillment, harmony.                                                                                                                                          It

To start with it would make sense to consider well-being in your mind, of which , you may consider what shapes your life?  Perhaps challenges, vulnerabilities and resources.

The one variable from the above that is the easiest to effect is the resources and hence why I am writing this! These resources can be located in the world, the body and the mind!                  ….Therefore the mind again is the easiest one to consider here!

Our inner strengths include: Capabilities, positive emotions, attitudes, inclinations and virtues.

Inner strengths are built from brain structurebrain

To make the changes, you have to be on your own side!

Q. Why is it good to be on your own side?

A. All beings deserve decency and care including you!

You have the most responsibility toward the person you have the most power over: your future self.

It is good for others to be good to yourself.

Bertrund Russell said it so eloquently, The Good Life as I see it is a happy life, I do not mean that if you are good that you will be happy: I mean that if you are happy you will be good!

So be good to yourself!

Healthy Regards,


Sean Phelps Dc

heavy metals in the body

Given the right conditions, our body has several fail-safe mechanisms.  The first line of evacuation of heavy metals is the microbiome in the gut. If these bacteria can’t get rid of the heavy metal, the toxins pass into the blood and then with the help of key chelation biochemistry the metals are chelated (joined to compounds) and either taken back into the gut via the liver or released through sweat and urine.  Failing that, the body will store the heavy metals in organs, hair and fat tissue until it can release them safely.

The last paragraph started with ‘given the right conditions’.  What are the right conditions?

1. Normal heavy metal exposure
The problem is that many of us are now being exposed to heavy metals from every angle of our life through dental amalgams, increasing concentrations in the air, polluted houses from copper piping, lead based paints, cleaners, off gases from carpets and furnishings, personal care products and makeups, air pollution and the increase of mercury in our water ways and thus in our fish and drinking water to name a few.  Our exposure is far greater than it was just 100 years ago.

2. A healthy microbiome
Through antibiotics and other medications, chlorinated water, refined foods, genetically modified corn, round up, herbicides and generations of dysbiosis, we have a weakened microbiome which in turn cannot clean up the heavy metals in the first incidence.  Improving the microbiome would be the first line of defense to stop heavy metal toxicity – using beautiful stocks and broths as well as probiotics and fermented foods begins this healing process.

3. A diet enriched with micro and macro nutrients

Once the heavy metals head into the blood system, there are several chelation (joining) pathways for heavy metals to be bound, so as not to disturb other important biochemical pathways.  Micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and antioxidants) help in this chelation process, as do our macronutrients (fats, amino acids and sugars).  The problem is that most people are not consuming nutrient rich foods with sufficient micro and macronutrients in order for the body to do chelation of heavy metals naturally.

4. A diet enriched with green foods containing chlorophyll
Green leafy foods contain chlorophyll – high concentrations are found in chlorella, one of the components of my daily food intake is Life Drink.  Chlorella is a water-grown algae full of chlorophyll; it is highly regarded for its ability to detoxify and cleanse the body by binding to toxins and heavy metals and carrying them out of the body systems. It also cleanses and helps oxygenate the blood. I also ensure that I eat some sort of green salad mix at every meal.  By taking the Supreme Green Blend and daily greens, there is increased assistance in helping the second line of removing heavy metals.

5. A diet using seasonal herbs and spices

Herbs and spices have been used for thousands of years; fresh and seasonal were used as well as dried – these were used for taste as well as medicinally. The herb coriander, which is also known as cilantro has been found to be a natural chelating agent. ‘Coriander chelation’ calls for a small amount of fresh coriander, which can be made into a pesto sauce, added to salads and very often in Asian dishes and eaten on a daily basis while in season.  Turmeric – both fresh and dried is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and chelates some heavy metals.

There are probably many other herbs and spices that help with getting rid of heavy metals but these are two that have been studied extensively.  Organic dried Turmeric will soon be available in the Changing Habits Shop.

6. A diet dictated by the seasons
In evolutionary terms we ate seasonally and locally, we ate foods that we adapted to eat depending on the environment, altitude, cultures and traditions.  Typically, more food was available in the summer and less in the winter.  There was an ebb and flow on an annual basis for food and as a result, there was a gaining of weight in the summer and then a loss of weight in the winter.  This ebb and flow enabled the body to detoxify by losing fat cells and any heavy metals that may be enclosed within the fat cells or surrounding organs.   Smaller amounts of foods were consumed during this time, thus allowing the body to naturally detoxify any remnants of heavy metals or toxins that were being stored.

Fast forward to today… what happened in our evolution enabled us to survive a volcano spewing mercury and other heavy metals, but it’s not like that now.  The 6 factors ‘given the right conditions’ I’ve discussed show a very different world.

By allowing our evolutionary bodies to experience these conditions while still living in a modern world, we may be able to enhance our body’s natural ability to get rid of heavy metals on an ongoing basis as opposed to waiting until we are sick and then trying to dispose of a build up of heavy metals. That in turn may cause problems as they are dumped by the body.



Healthy Regards,


Sean Phelps DC

Fire Dept or Restoration Guys?

What is the difference between chiropractic and medicine?

By Sean Phelps D.C

The following annology gives a helpful perspective in differentiating Chiropractic & Medicine in Health Care.

If you can accept that your mind and your body are your house, medical doctors are the fire department, and wellness chiropractors are renovation and maintenance experts.

Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM)/(ABC) Chiropractors focus on  structure and function rather than pain relief as their outcome measure.

In my clinical experience when function is returned with reduction in pain we can then work on restoring strength.

Now, going back to the annology, imagine that your house is on fire. It is an emergency right?.
Who should you call, the fire department or the renovation and maintenance experts?

I hope you said the fire department. Now, what will the fire department going to do when they get to your burning house?

The fire department will bring their tools of which they have developed with their goal to put out fires. They have axes and fire hoses, to break out all of your windows, to chop down your door and to chop open your walls. They will use the hoses to soak the interior of your house and all of your cherished belongings.

What is the result? If you are lucky, if they got there in time and did not make any big mistakes, they will save the life of your house. For this you should be eternally grateful. Now, what is left? A huge mess to clean up! In fact, your house is now in far worse shape than it was before the fire ever started!

So now what will you do? Who will you call to restore function to your house? The fire department? Do you think more axes and fire hoses could restore your house to proper function? Of course not, that is an absurd notion. Not as absurd as the fire department claiming they could do this, but nonetheless still very absurd.

So who would you call? The restoration and maintenance experts! What tools do they have? Hammers, nails, paint, wiring, wood, etc. The tools they have are congruent with their goal to restore and maintain the function of your house: they are the ingredients that your house needs for a healthy function.
The Fire dpartment have used a scientific design that is specific for ‘medicine’ to tell if evidence for their competency in putting out fires is significant. This design is also used to see if the restoration guys can restore. However, this design is not comparable for either as blinding someone who has been adjusted by a chiropractor just does not work. Research study designs used in medicine are set as the ‘GOLD’ standard in health. Unfortunately, these study designs are not usable in chiropractic and therefore are not helpful in the evaluation of the effectiveness chiropractic.

So the fire department should be used as a last resort for health and the first resort only when there is a fire. The goal should be to NEVER need them! The restoration and maintenance experts should be the last resort for a fire and the first and only resort for health. The goal could be to UTILIZE them regularly?


Primal Movement

The Paleo diet follows the premise that doing what is most in sync with your unique biology

(doing what our ancestors did) will enable you to retain or regain your health.

This is founded upon the fact that our GENES have not changed since then!

This philosophy can then also be applied to exercise.
So I would like to introduce to you primal movement or what was originally known as functional training. About ten years ago, one of my biggest influences, in spinal rehabilitation- Professor Stuart McGilll identified and educated me on the seven primal movements. Since then, I have been working on these movements of which Gill pionerred a new perspective working with movement and correcting motor patterns. Now all Athletes are basing their rehabilitation around these exercises in their training. Here we are not training to gain muscle. Rather, we are retraining your main movements and brain to prevent injury and strenghthen your basic movements.

Movements are as follows-

1. Bend to extend

Bending with a hips back movement, back straight, feet flat and forward. It can be performed bodyweight or in dozens of other variations including the deadlift. Bend to extend movements work your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

2. Squat

This is a hips down motion. Keep your bodyweight in its neutral gravity line with your back flat, developing range of motion that will take you to “rock bottom.” You will not use much forward lean here as your hips are more directly under you. This is all about strength and flexibility and works every muscle in your legs and core.

3. Lunge

This is a long, linear stride, lowering your back knee to just above the ground, with a completely upright torso. Lunges will make your quads and hip flexors sore from the long range of motion and will require more core strength to stand up out of than the squat and deadlift.

4. Rotate

This is your ability to twist in your core, from your pelvis to your ribcage. Every step you take has rotation in the thoracic spine, as a matter of injury prevention, train it in your practice. Not only will it keep your core strong and mobile, unifying your body, but it will also tone up those midsection muscles!

5. Push

This is your upper body muscles pushing things in various directions. In the real world, you would have to do this with different objects, in different ways, quite frequently. Depending upon the lift this trains your chest, shoulders, and triceps differently.

6. Pull

This is your upper body muscles pulling weight toward you. This is often seen in a row or pulling your bodyweight up in a pull-up. Pulling trains your upper back, biceps, and grip. There is a version of pulling out there for everyone. This movement can also help correct the forward shoulders that have become so common among people today from spending so much time at computers and smart phones.

7. Gait

Walk, jog, run or sprint. I truly believe that we should all be able to enjoy the freedom to run. Training strength and mobility in the first six primal movements will allow you to enjoy exercises such as running with less of a likelihood of injury. I always tell people to get fit so they can run not run to get fit. A generous amount of research has also shown that shorter interval runs such as sprints are more in sync with human biology and give better results than long distance running. Long distance running is more likely to stimulate unwanted stressors and overestimate your sympathetic nervous system.