Fire Dept or Restoration Guys?

What is the difference between chiropractic and medicine?

By Sean Phelps D.C

The following annology gives a helpful perspective in differentiating Chiropractic & Medicine in Health Care.

If you can accept that your mind and your body are your house, medical doctors are the fire department, and wellness chiropractors are renovation and maintenance experts.

Advanced Biostructural Correction (TM)/(ABC) Chiropractors focus on  structure and function rather than pain relief as their outcome measure.

In my clinical experience when function is returned with reduction in pain we can then work on restoring strength.

Now, going back to the annology, imagine that your house is on fire. It is an emergency right?.
Who should you call, the fire department or the renovation and maintenance experts?

I hope you said the fire department. Now, what will the fire department going to do when they get to your burning house?

The fire department will bring their tools of which they have developed with their goal to put out fires. They have axes and fire hoses, to break out all of your windows, to chop down your door and to chop open your walls. They will use the hoses to soak the interior of your house and all of your cherished belongings.

What is the result? If you are lucky, if they got there in time and did not make any big mistakes, they will save the life of your house. For this you should be eternally grateful. Now, what is left? A huge mess to clean up! In fact, your house is now in far worse shape than it was before the fire ever started!

So now what will you do? Who will you call to restore function to your house? The fire department? Do you think more axes and fire hoses could restore your house to proper function? Of course not, that is an absurd notion. Not as absurd as the fire department claiming they could do this, but nonetheless still very absurd.

So who would you call? The restoration and maintenance experts! What tools do they have? Hammers, nails, paint, wiring, wood, etc. The tools they have are congruent with their goal to restore and maintain the function of your house: they are the ingredients that your house needs for a healthy function.
The Fire dpartment have used a scientific design that is specific for ‘medicine’ to tell if evidence for their competency in putting out fires is significant. This design is also used to see if the restoration guys can restore. However, this design is not comparable for either as blinding someone who has been adjusted by a chiropractor just does not work. Research study designs used in medicine are set as the ‘GOLD’ standard in health. Unfortunately, these study designs are not usable in chiropractic and therefore are not helpful in the evaluation of the effectiveness chiropractic.

So the fire department should be used as a last resort for health and the first resort only when there is a fire. The goal should be to NEVER need them! The restoration and maintenance experts should be the last resort for a fire and the first and only resort for health. The goal could be to UTILIZE them regularly?