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From Degeneration to Regeneration By Dr Pete Hiltgartner

We were taught in biology class that when the sperm penetrates the egg, there is an exchange of gametes, or genetic material. This is the mechanical process which allows you to inherit half of your genes from your mother and the other half from your father. The resulting mixture of those genes produces your own unique genetic make up. This is called your Genotype.

For a long time, it has been believed that your genotype set you up for the diseases and health challenges you would face in later years. Your predisposition to disease has, for a long time, been considered, “carved in stone”. Because of this mindset, medical science has evolved to consider lack of symptoms a sign of health and symptoms as the time to react to the inevitable. Many people—scientists and lay people alike—feel we have no control over our genes. You got what you got at the point of conception and those genes control your destiny. This view of a “hard-wired and pre-programmed” genetic model has influenced the culture and has influenced how we think about health, ageing and disease. When a person lives a long, healthy life we say they were blessed with good genes. When a person dies early due to cancer, stroke or heart disease, we write it off as “bad genes”.

Modern medicine is built upon the principle of the deterministic gene. It follows the philosophy that “you are well until you are proven sick”. Under this belief, medicine’s job is to “fix” the results of bad genes with medication, surgery or replacement parts after you become “broken”. Because of the historical belief that there was nothing you could do to influence the way your genes control your health, medicine has evolved to focus on the diagnosis and treatment of disease and to pay little attention to optimal function and prevention.

What about the person who dies from smoking-induced lung cancer, alcoholic liver disease, or malnutrition? Is that a function of “bad genes”? Certainly not!

With the Human Genome Project, scientists are proving what many alternative health practitioners have stated for years…it is the interface between the environment, life-style and your genes that will influence your state of health or disease. The outward expression of your inherited genetics, in the context of your environment, personal history and life-style, is called your Phenotype. Your phenotype is the ‘YOU’ that you look at every morning in the mirror.

Have you ever seen identical twins in their later years where one looks ten years younger than the other? If you closely examine their life-style, nutrition, environment, beliefs, and personal history, you will find the reason for the different expression of identical genes. When scientists look at situations such as this, they are observing the results of an experiment. It’s called a “life experiment.”

Whether you know it or not, you have been involved in an experiment called “your life”. It is not an experiment run by scientists or a reality TV producer. It is neither placebo-controlled nor double-blinded. It is known as a “time-line” experiment. Certain actions will be taken over time and their outcomes observed and recorded.

Have you ever seen the articles written about the rapid aging of prime ministers due to the stress of their position? The article will show a picture of the prime minister at the beginning of their term in office and then a picture from each subsequent year. It’s always amazing to see these people go from a healthy, vigorous and robust leader, full of optimism to an old, weathered, and worn out person who looks 20 years older than when they started just few years earlier. This is a good example of a time-line study.

Your genes are NOT responsible for YOUR HEALTH. Instead, your health depends upon the way you influence the expression of your genes throughout the collective experiences of your life. You are in control of your own experiment. Just as you can control the direction you are driving on the road, so too, can you control the expression of your genes. If you don’t like the way your genes are expressing or you don’t like your state of health, take a hard look at what you are doing. Maybe you are on the wrong road. Maybe you need to turn around. Maybe you need to evaluate why you are where you are.

The great news is that if your body is in a state of disease or disrepair, all is not lost. It is merely the result of faulty gene expression based upon faulty influences. The body is a resilient mechanism. Change the faulty influences upon your genes and you will instantly begin to change the way they express. The key is to initiate changes before you are beyond the point of no return. However, any positive action will lead to an improved state of gene expression.

By applying the advances in molecular science and quantum physics to cellular biology and genetics, it has become a reality that you can take your body from a state of degeneration to a state of regeneration. You can change the outcome of your own life experiment. You are in control.

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Yours in Well-Being

Sean Phelps DC