Pure Water

WATER is a BIG part of my healing message at Phelps Family Chiropractic.

What are the facts?

Our bodies are ideally made up of an average 72% water. Some organs contain more water than others:

–          Lungs 90%

–          Blood 82%

–          Muscle 75%

–          Brain 70%

–          Bones 22%

A lack of water or dehydration in any of these systems can dramatically reduce their function. Below are some of the common symptoms of long-term dehydration that you might not associate with drinking enough water:

–          Asthma & allergies

–          Aches & pains (particularly headaches and backache)

–          Constipation & other digestive problems

–          Tiredness, irritability & inability to concentrate

–          High blood pressure

–          Cystitis & other urinary problems

–          Weight gain

How can I tell if I’m becoming dehydrated before I get symptoms?

Most people don’t drink enough pure water; they live their lives in a permanent state of low level dehydration. Because their bodies have never been given enough water, the thirst mechanism is switched off or can often be confused with hunger. One way to tell before you get symptoms is if you pinch some skin, does it stay pinched or does it immediately relax and go flat again? If it stays pinched, you’re dehydrated.

What can I do about it?

It’s so amazing that the cure is almost free and so abundant! Lots of people just don’t realise how much better they would feel (and look!) if they drank 6 to 8 glasses of pure water a day. However, like a pot plant that hasn’t been watered for weeks, if you start to drink that much water, your body will probably pass it immediately (as urine) before it has time to get into the cells where it’s needed. So, start slowly … if you don’t drink any pure water at the moment, sip a glass slowly first thing in the morning – maybe as you’re getting dressed. Sip another during the morning, the afternoon and the evening. Slowly build up to 6-8 a day. At the same time, cut down on caffeinated and sugary drinks – they actually dehydrate you. Remember: it could take 3 to 4 weeks before your body becomes accustomed to being hydrated and you start to feel and look better.

What is ‘pure’ water?

According to Wessex Water, our water supply here at the practice contains chlorine, nickel, nitrate, sodium, aluminium, lead and fluoride … all of which are linked to health problems. Of course they’re in concentrations documented not to be a risk … however, I prefer my water neutral (it should be the only intake that doesn’t need digesting or processing by your body). So, I’ve searched high and low to source the best water filters for our practice.

big berkeyBig Berkey

The Wellness Carafe  wellness carafe

Come and just enjoy a big glass of water after your adjustment.

“In an age when man has forgotten his origins and is blind even to his most essential needs for survival, water along with other resources has become the victim of his indifference.” Rachel Carson