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How to reduce inflammation

  The first question I ask during a first visit consultation is “What are you eating for breakfast?” This is the first and most important time that we can re-boot the system, whether you are fasting or not! If you are consuming some kind of grain, even a wholegrain first thing when you wake up, […]

Does Meditation Change anything that we do?

Why does a sitting meditation practise help us to develop? By Diane Musho-Hamilton   How does the practice of sitting meditation contribute to being able to DO something differently. Mediation helps to unwind the nervous system, develop focused attention, and relax the tight grip of self-identification. But while It may support individual well-being, it is […]

The Gut/Brain Connection

There are 100 trillion bacteria, and about 1 quadrillion viruses in your body. In fact we are actually a walking ‘microbe’  These cells outnumber your cells to 10-1. When they are balanced and nourished they will maintain or restore both physical and mental health. A lack of specific micrbiome has been associated with many physical […]

Osteopathy, Physio or Chiropractic

If you have been looking for an answer to your pain and know that your injury/complaint is termed as muscular, finding the right practitioner can be confusing.  I wanted to believe that an exercise would resolve my pain and as such studied musculoskeletal rehabilitative medicine. Rehab as it is known in the physical therapy profession […]

Chiropractic History

What is Chiropractic? By Dr. Mark Postles Chiropractic is natural We put nothing in to your body and take nothing out. The basic premise is so simple. Your body knows what to do as long as there is no interference. Chiropractor’s actions are straight forward. Find any area in the body where the trillions of […]

A Happy Long Life?

Hello Everyone, Question. Are humans genetically programmed for a long happy life or for a short, miserable existence? I would like to look at meditation, health and sickness today and makes some points to how we may manifest wellness. We are living in a new age of unparalleled technological and scientific progress, we are also […]


Vital is a word I have been working with for many years and I believe for some of us requires some contemplation and perhaps some note taking to establish what it actually means to us personally. As is with the concept of health, the term vitality is subjective and can mean a whole lot of things […]

Pure Water

WATER is a BIG part of my healing message at Phelps Family Chiropractic. What are the facts? Our bodies are ideally made up of an average 72% water. Some organs contain more water than others: –          Lungs 90% –          Blood 82% –          Muscle 75% –          Brain 70% –          Bones 22% A lack of water or dehydration […]

Paying the mortgage

Paying the Mortgage Whether we rent our home, all of us pay some form of monthly living expenses. Even if we have finished paying a mortgage and own our home outright, we still have to pay monthly utility bills in order to keep our homes clean/functional and livable. We also pay property taxes as part of various […]

Genetics – Ultimate Health Now!

From Degeneration to Regeneration By Dr Pete Hiltgartner We were taught in biology class that when the sperm penetrates the egg, there is an exchange of gametes, or genetic material. This is the mechanical process which allows you to inherit half of your genes from your mother and the other half from your father. The resulting mixture […]